Intake services

The reception service processes the service requests we receive and immediately sets into motion the assistance process, according to the eligibility criteria.

The responders working at the reception facilitate the request and ensure service is offered as quickly as possible.

The responders then proceed with a clinical evaluation to determine the request’s eligibility and urgency.

In addition to the reception services which offer short-term interventions, the Child-Youth Ontario  crisis line assists our services outside business hours and on weekends.


Our approaches

Le CAP (Centre d’Appui et de Prévention) favours interventions in the child’s various living environments while respecting family, social and cultural diversity.


Approche ACP ou CAPA

The CHOICE approach and CAPA partnership is the new approach taken by the Centre.

CAPA places clients and families at the centre of their own care, but also enables us to:


This approach helps significantly reduce the wait time for therapeutic services offered to Ottawa’s francophone community.