Release of a new online certification training platform

Addiction Recovery Training Certification  

Ottawa, June 2, 2022 – Rétablissement SMART, powered by Le CAP, announces the launch of its new online certified training platform. The platform is aimed at mental health and addiction professionals, as well as organizations and businesses looking to strengthen their team’s professional skills.

The object of the training is to help them understand how to treat addictive disorders in order to better meet the specific needs of individuals struggling with any form of addiction. Interested professionals will be able to start a support group in their service community. This is the first platform in the world to offer a certified training in French based on the SMART Recovery approach.

Titled “Devenir animateur.trice SMART” (Becoming a SMART Facilitator”), the training is designed on self-learning models and will allow learners to progress at their own pace by accessing training materials online at any time.

Learners will have access to:

“SMART Recovery groups in English are growing. The ‘Devenir animateur.trice SMART’ training is key to increasing French language services for Francophones struggling with addiction. Thanks to generous funding from the Ministry of Francophone Affairs through the Francophonie Support Program, we can now train professionals so that more Francophones can access services tailored to their needs.”

Rachel Gouin, CAP Executive Director

Thanks to the support of the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team, 100 professionals will have access to the “Devenir animateur.trice SMART” training offered by           Le CAP, free of charge. This initiative is part of the process of enhancing skills and consolidating Francophone expertise in the Ottawa region.

“Access to French-language health services is a priority for the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team. I am confident that once professionals have been trained, SMART Recovery groups will multiply, to the benefit of patients and clients.”

Elizabeth Tanguay, Director of the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team

Strengthening the Francophone skills base

This training and those that will follow will allow professionals to update their knowledge and solidify their skills to better serve the Francophone population.

About the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team

The Ottawa East Ontario Health Team is a group of close to 50 healthcare and community service organizations and professionals who are offering a new way to organize and deliver more connected care to patients, clients, families and caregivers in their communities. Together, they work as one coordinated team to provide more seamless care, as well as to develop an equitable service offering in both official languages that better meets the needs of the population. Based in Eastern Ottawa and the Eastern Counties, over 500,000 people live in the area served by the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team.

About Rétablissement SMART

A program offered exclusively in French to Ontario’s entire Francophone community. Based on the principles of SMART Recovery, the world’s largest community of support meetings that adopt evidence-based principles and strategies. This program was created to support people who are experiencing addiction-related challenges and who wish to regain control of their lives and move towards recovery.


* Mental health or addiction treatment professionals

** offer valid until June 30, 2022, or first 100 registrations.

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